Divorce & Custody

We represent clients in all phases of the divorce and custody process, from pre-litigation counseling through trial, and appeals where applicable. During the pre-litigation phase, clients learn about their options and receive essential strategy pointers before the matrimonial conflict erupts. Having insights and a well-advised plan is key in positioning oneself for success later on, whether in a settlement context or in litigation.

"Far too often, poorly thought-out choices or bad advice at the outset can haunt a client throughout the process," explains Carolyn. But when clients come to us before taking that first, crucial step, the consultation can make all the difference.

We handle contested and uncontested divorce matters, as well as those in mediation where legal advice is necessary. Many of our matters are classified as high net worth divorces, though all of our matters are treated with the same attention to detail and respect.

We have extensive experience in matters involving formal appraisals of real estate and business/partnership value, as well as value of enhanced earnings capacity due to a professional license or degree. While a carefully negotiated settlement is often in our clients’ best interests, we aggressively and tenaciously litigate when necessary.

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