"When a client steps into my office for the first time, he or she has long since reached the breaking point at home," explains Carolyn. That kind of turmoil on the home front makes it difficult for clients to analyze matrimonial issues objectively and plan a strategy for achieving desired outcomes. Well-intentioned friends and family members frequently clamor for input, which can add a level of confusion and complexity to an already upsetting situation. It is our mission to cut through the confusion, and provide well-reasoned advice based on our many years of experience in the field. Where settlement is undesirable or impossible, we provide zealous representation in all phases of the court process.

Because we are exclusively dedicated to matrimonial and family matters, we can provide a perspective on the process that cannot be matched by a "jack of all trades" lawyer. "Unfortunately, many attorneys feel that matrimonial law is something that can be practiced with one hand, while doing real estate closings or drafting wills with the other," says Carolyn. But there are case law trends and particularities relating to the matrimonial courts that simply cannot be mastered by lawyers who spend their time on unrelated areas of practice. Thus, our focused expertise in this area has proven to be a tremendous advantage to our clients in all facets of matrimonial litigation and resolution.

In the end, however, we recognize that all of the experience, technical skill, and know-how is useless if it cannot help the client (and the client’s child or children, if any) find a happier station in life. That should be the goal of any matrimonial proceeding, whether our client is the initiator or the unwilling participant. Therefore, whether we are in litigation, negotiation, or somewhere in between, finding a happier “next chapter” for all of our clients is our ultimate and most important objective.

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